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Dropping orders to zero



Is anyone who experienced dropping order to zero in the last 3 days?


Orders come and go. Sometimes there are periods of many sales; other times there are very few. You’ve been around a while… just keep improving your gigs and ride out the hills and valleys. As much as we would all like sales, we’re never going to have a 100% steady flow of them. That’s just how business – business anywhere – works.


Well, fiverr gigs can’t be improved anymore (I tried all tips and tricks and got the same results). Anyway the Alexa Rank for Fiverr is dropping, too… I supose Fiverr is loosing more and more customers since:

  • Fiverr 3.0 release, because almost all search results aren’t relevant, and only a few sellers, usually with poor services are listed;
  • Fiverr introduced a tax for each $5 spent. For example I was very unhappy when I was forced to pay additional money as tax when I purchased a few tens of gigs. I’m still on Fiverr because I’m a seller, too .


you you are correct not just 3 days i was notice the orders down day by day usually i was get at least 8 to 10 sales regularly and in week days also get some bulks too but those days only manage to get 2 to 4 dales a day. Lets see what happens after few days .