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DROPPING OUT AND STARTING COMPANY [Just Hit 90 Five Star Reviews ! ]

I am really glad that i started selling on fiverr in may 2017

i was unsure about the platform at first but as soon as i start using it and being consistent failing learning keep getting back up i’ve learned a lot ! :raised_hands:

my gig was also featured on fiverr in web development category that time orders were coming like flood :smile:
finally i’ve to hired another developer to help me to keep up with deadlines and i started a company in January its been 9 months and we’re successfully running company :slight_smile:

From Dropping Out Of College to starting my 2nd company the journey just begun :slight_smile:
Never thank enough fiverr for showcasing my skills on such a great platform :slight_smile:

there will be times when you face failures gig not getting impressions ,views , orders not coming or you got a bad review but never give up no matter what If you know you’re right then nothing wrong will happen to you :slight_smile:
keep trying until something works for you ! :raised_hands:

REMEMBER :- bad days dont last forever ! Never Give Up

Have many goals set now for future will keep working towards achieving them !

There were many people who stopping me from dropping out college but if you know what you want in life and what you’re doing then only listen to your heart you will succeed :slight_smile:

Today I just hit 90 5 STAR REVIEWS wanted to thank fiverr and will keep helping people on forum community with all my experience :slight_smile: :handshake:


Continue the good work and good luck ahead.


Congratulations :grinning:


I’m glad to hear that you’re doing great, but I don’t think dropping out is the right message here :slight_smile:
Probably a better message would be “Do what you love and work hard”.


Your post make encourage to us since i have the situation in present my gigs has no view no impression not getting orders after ready your post hope in future i will have the same situation like you keep it up your work thanks

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I am not telling anyone to dropout :smile: i am just telling my story but the message i want to say is the same

I am a very strong advocate of dropping out of college. However, dropping out to freelance on Fiverr is long-term career suicide. If you drop out, you need to build a strong real-world skill base. Ideally, something hands-on and certifiable.

By the sounds of it, your web development company is heavily dependent on Fiverr to source clients. That could change in an instant. Even TRS sellers who have been featured in Forbes have had their luck turn round. If that happens to you and you would struggle to convince a real-world web development company to hire you in future, you need to re-think your options.

By all means, keep on using Fiverr but don’t plan your future life around the site.


I said i started using fiverr but i am not fully dependent on it :slight_smile:
btw i agree good advise :slight_smile: