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Dropping Stars On Communication

I’ve found that I am dropping the odd star on communication because I’m not telling people that I have their order… I’m always very clear, succinct and polite with clients but don’t tend to say “thanks, got it etc”.

Fiverr, can you include a default message (or one we can tailor) on our behalf so that the buyers that need their hands held, feel like it’s in hand. When you’ve Fiverr orders and your own work coming at you left, right and centre, an auto response from us like “Thanks very much for your order, I’ll have this back to you shortly” would really help a) the buyer to be assured their order went through and b) cut us free of needless admin

Thanks :slight_smile:


I have to say, I see where the client is coming from. I’ve placed a couple of orders and ended up having to cancel because the seller decided that they were no longer going to check their Fiverr accounts. After waiting weeks for stuff that was never delivered and then having to cancel, I now get very nervous anytime a seller doesn’t reach out to me after I place the order.

If the message was automated there wouldn’t be any way of knowing if the seller themselves received it. Personally, I just click the automated “Thanks for your order” message whenever I get an order. It only take a second to do this.


An auto response is not the answer here, experienced and regular buyers will spot it and still want a real acknowledgement of the order. To be fair, if you are not giving 5 star communication then you don’t deserve to get 5 stars for it. A quick message like Jenihiggs says makes a difference and takes seconds to do. If doing so is not worth a star to you then don’t do it but sometimes we have to just do what it takes and not take the easy/automated way out.


As a courtesy I keep my clients updated throughout the entire process. I’l let them know that I received the order, and that I’ll check in periodically throughout the process.

After a few days, I’ll message them again to give them an update on expected delivery times (as often times I can deliver ahead of the deadline), and to reiterate the point that they can ask me questions throughout the process.

I’d just play it safe and keep lines of communications open :slight_smile:


Not the answer here for you, but is for me. My communication throughout is always excellent, but frequently by the time I get around to responding to their order, its time to deliver. Customising a response once the order goes through to suit your own is the answer where I’m concerned. “Thanks so much for your order, rest assured it has been received and is in the pipeline” would, in the main would satisfy my customers. If they have specific questions, of course I’m there, but this counters the basic “did my order really go through” question mark that some buyers have. It’s an added unnecessary step to add.

I do that in the requirements section of my gig but I still get questions/is everything ok? type messages if I don’t send a separate acknowledgement message.

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DO you mean you didnt get 5 star on communication rating?

I use a quick reply for this and it works fine- you can use the {username} tag in it to make it really friendly personable. Really saves a lot of time and looks good from the buyers perspective- they like to be acknowledged that you are working on their order