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Dual notifications, Fiverr + Gmail?


Who hates it? For me its super annoying to receive two notifications one from Fiverr app and other from gmail, both at the same time. Any one out there like me who hates it as well?


First world problem?

Why not switch one off?


I cant. I use Fiverr app mostly and also I have some other important stuff going on for which i use Gmail. I have searched million times on google how to switch off gmail alerts for just Fiverr but I found nothing. May be you can help?


LMAO :joy:

Switch your fiverr email to a non-gmail account then… solved :thumbsup:


You can simply choose what notifications from Fiverr will be sent to your email account. (See screenshot)

Just uncheck the ones from the Email option.


Well, you can solve this with IFTTT.
It has a lot of applets for Fiverr as well. I hope you can do this in someway like this, but before on, disable Fiverr notifications email in the settings -

Whenever a new notification is there > Check if you are online on Fiverr > If you aren’t online > Send an Email to your Email-Id.

So, what IFTTT will do is - If a new notification is there, it will check if you are online on Fiverr or not, if you are online, it will do nothing but if you are not online it will send an EMail to you. :slight_smile:

Give it a try…


@taverr But if she gets notifications from the Fiverr app, that doesn’t mean she is always online, so she would still receive Gmail’s notifications. :blush:


She could disable one of them. :relaxed:
I would say the Fiverr app one. IFTTT is pretty much real-time for Fiverr applets.


You can switch it off in Fiverr notification settings

You can set up an email filter in Gmail to send all mails received from [x] straight to trash. It’s an inbuilt setting. No third party apps required.

For your [millionth + 1] time, search for ‘Gmail filters’ :slight_smile:


Thank you all. It helped a lot. :slight_smile: