Dubious buyers on fiverr!-BEWARE!


A buyer made an order for my clickbank gig which i delivered in a few hours. In less than 30 minutes post delivery the buyer comes back that it doesn’t work and wants a refund.

How could you have gone through an 85 page material and implemented the methods within that period of time and conclude that they don’t work?

i won’t publish the buyer’s name-but here’s a clue- Sheriff’s note: details removed, sorry…

Please avoid this buyer .


I just opened a thread for this.

A buyer marked my order as completed and left a 5 star review. He kept on asking for modifications out of the order - that I did. Yesterday I said if you need more modifications order more gigs… this morning my funds were taken by Fiverr and order canceled.

SO for something I worked month a go, buyer keeps the work after drained me from working … and CS gave him the money back as a bonus - without even checking the situation.

Why are we giving 20% profits , I just keep wondering…


Hmmm…Same happened to me but in just 2 days. I didn’t know what to do. So i clicked the Mutual Cancel Button. Since its my start in Fiverr so i was worried that in the beginning i got a cancellation !!! :frowning: :confused:


That happened to me, but from another buyer, I delivered but after two weeks, Customer Service cancelled the order and returned the funds; I think on those cases, they should open a two way line, so we can figure out what happened, because you did the work so did I, and they got it for free afterwatds