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Due date should be the DATE not the TIME

Okay so let me elaborate further. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed that gigs are due at a specific hour of the day more specifically the time of day which the client purchased your gig how ever many days ago. I think this is a bit too strict. I found out the hard way when I said to myself “Hey this gig is due on the 11th, cool I’ll be able to turn it in today” and then when I go to upload my work I get a “your deliver is late.” How? Oh because the client ordered at 9:42 am on the 11th and I delivered at 12:35pm that day. Seriously, it’s splitting hairs. I feel that the due date should pertain to the ENTIRE day rather than just that specific hour. So if something is due on the 11th, it’s due on the 11 period whether it’s delivered at 9am or 11:57pm.

Of course you and your client can discuss if they need it by a specific hour during the day. That is fine. But I feel it’s a bit unfair to penalize someone for say delivering what I feel is on time.

I think it is that way because of the time difference between sellers and buyers. I could be wrong though

You know you are probably right. Hmm. I think it just really annoys me say if I get a gig order at 4am. To me it’s like having one less day to work on my gig. Perhaps then having an option to set your gigs up so that they are only available to order during certain hours of the day. So that way if someone goes to buy my gig at 4am it would grey out and say “this gig cannot be ordered until 9am EST.”

Reply to @inuratus: I have a 10 day turnaround on my family tree gig but usually get it delivered WAYYY before the due date so I have never really paid attention to the time

As someone who’s normally a buyer (though recently turned to selling), I’ve always found the exact time to expect a gig to be delivered to be confusion specifically because of things like time differences. The buyer gets a countdown to the minute when the gig is expected to be delivered, but then the gig isn’t shown to them as late until some time later (I’m not sure exactly when, it doesn’t seem consistent but it is less than 24 hours).

It seems to me it would be easier on everyone if the seller could specify that a gig should be due at midnight seller time and it displayed on the gig when the buyer should expect delivery of a gig (date and time) in their local timezone.

I see this is an older post, but I am new to fiverr and searched for this topic. I am currently experiencing a late delivery. However, it is supposed to done today, but my complaint is the seller advertised “within 24 hours” it has been more than 24 hours and haven’t had any contact except the message I sent THEM. Two sellers. If the seller advertised 24 hours, then it should be 24 hours, regardless of what time of the day it is.

I completely agree. If anything, on the Gig page, it should clearly say “This Gig is due dd/mm at hh:mm,” especially with gigs with added days. The countdown is a nice feature, but I have to find the Gig order email and see the time and date it was sent so I know how to plan my week.