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Due to late delivery

Last day was the time to delivery the order but I have missed delivery the order. Order was completed but I forget. What should I do now. Is there any possibility to solved this problem.


Late deliveries happen.

You are going to get responses here from Sellers telling you to contact Fiverr CS to explain your situation, blah-blah-blah.

I’ve been here almost 5 years.

Yes, I’ve delivered late.

Yes, it has impacted my stats.

But if you deliver on time from now on, those stats go away.


You can extend delivery days with buyer’s agreement.
Click on the [Visit the Resolution Center]

There are 3 options. Select highlighted one in the 2nd attached image.

And then write down the reason briefly why you should extended the delivery time. This will send a request to your buyer. Once he approved the request, you could get more days.
This works even though the delivery time got expired.

The first image shows that I extended time for delivery. 2 times.


Thanks for your kind information.

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I often talk about the need for sellers to protect their account.

One way to do this is to offer a realistic delivery time. Far too many sellers offer a 24 hour delivery, but it’s rarely enough time to allow for global time differences, incomplete information submitted by a buyer, communication problems, and actually completing the task.

In your case you say you simply forgot. No, there is nothing you can do now - other than ensure that your gig delivery time is realistic and remembering to deliver all future orders on time. Don’t stress about it. One mistake isn’t going to harm you too much.