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Due to low positive rating can't send offers..?

Hi I am having trouble with my reviews my recent client gave me down my reviews and now I am not able get through this I just got 87% positive rating…I am a graphic designer,web designer and a sketch painter I can help in excel as well. How can I get through this can any one help me…???

If your positive rating went below 90% you will not able to send offers to buyers.That’s why it’s very important to take first 10 projects very carefully. Now you can talk with your previous buyer. Ask him how can improve his/her experience with you. after doing the changes for him request him to change the review :slight_smile: (in this case be sure you are not begging him to change the rating,if he/she got annoyed and complain to support your Fiverr account could be terminated. )
And another thing you can do, publish a new gig. If you got 1 or 2 five star rating your positive rating will be 90%+ and again you will be able to send offers to clients.

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You’ll have to maintain a satisfactory rating in order to be allowed to use all the functions within Fiverr.

Fiverr creates levels for this very reason - quality sellers can flourish.

Keep having 5 star reviews to get a better overall rating!

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