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Due to technical problems one order cancelled twice, Order Completion rate plummeted and Seller 2 status lost

I already had problems with Fiverr’s Order completion rating, and the last few months CS said they can not help me with this personal problem (the same old copied and pasted tekst) and I left it at that.

Today I asked them friendly to escalate this new ticket, regarding the things that just happened this evening and to assist me personally.

Today I wrote

Due to problems with your system (earlyer this evening I got a 500 server error) or whatever (payment) system you are using, one order resulted into two cancellations somehow, engaged by Customer support. Because of that my Order Completion rate plummeted. Secondly the buyer complained to me that the payment was written of his Paypal account 3 times.

So what I ask you is to cancel the cancellations or somehow restore my Order Completion rate to what is was before the order from buyer “XXX” was cancelled (twice). My Order Completion Rate was almost 90% again finally after months.

I ask you this because I believe I should not be the victim of failures on your side with the orders, while it is totally out of my control.
And I am the victim here, because my Seller Status is directly influenced by the Order Completion rate.

Next to that I strongly advice you to reconsider the system behind the Order Completion rate versus Seller Status on the long term. It is a really unfair system.

Hope to hear from you soon.

This is what I got back from Amy

Hi Marc,

Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to hear about your experience. Your comments and suggestions will be forwarded to our Product Developers.

At this time, please note that all cancellations are included into your Order Completion Rate.

We understand that there are some cancellations which cannot be avoided and are no fault of the seller. Currently, your analytics will continue to reflect all cancellations and in the near future, this may be updated.

Fraudulent orders are determined by our Fraud and Risk Teams and are not subject to be altered by Customer Support. Additionally, they will remain in your analytics.

As mentioned on your Analytics page, there are some standards that must be maintained in order to keep your level badge. Your account will be evaluated on the 15th of every month, starting from January 2018. If you fail to maintain said standards, your account may loose the level badge eligibility. Likewise, if you reach the goal for the next level by the time that your account is evaluated again, you may become eligible for a promotion.

For more information, please view your Analytics Page and the following article:

Best regards!

This is what I wrote back

Dear Any,

I don’t think you understand me.
I want you to help me personally with this problem. You copied and pasted the same answer like your colleague did last time.

There was an error in your system and due to that my order completion Rate is unnecessary low. One order is cancelled two times and still exist as an existing order. This is a technical problem on your side.

Please escalate this ticket to a different departement if you can’t help me. This could be fraud as well.




Totally agree that this bit needs to change as soon as possible, particularly if it’s a technical problem that caused the issue.

But, I can also see that until that change is made, it’s probably better not to ‘shoot the messenger’? They’re probably as fed up with it as we are by this stage! :wink:

No help I know, but I’ve been in the same situation you have with orders that weren’t my fault etc. - my fingers are crossed for you. :crossed_fingers:


Thank you for your kind reply.

I agree that one should always try to be professional in the communication with CS and we should not let our frustrations reflect on our reply. On the other hand, they are the only ones we can communicate with.
Unprofessional generic answers like this are worse than short personal ones, with witch they at the least acknowledge the problem personally. Lastly, why can’t a CS representative technically influence orders and cancellations more in depth?

We as sellers want to give great service to our buyers. Let Fiverr CS give us great service in return.


That just isn’t the Fiverr way. :frowning:


Most likely CS agents don’t have an option for this. People who implemented the level system didn’t probably think about exceptions or they thought it will be only a fracture.


Alex from CS responded to me

Hello Marc,

Thank you for following up with us. It is a simple math, just take the number of all orders you did in past 60 days (completed orders), then count the number of canceled orders in this same time period and divide it with this number of all orders.

Your buyer has placed 3 orders and 2 have been canceled as a mistake. This is why you still see the order as active.

Since the time for which this is calculated is 60 days as the time passes and you continue to deliver on time and successfully complete more orders, the rate will improve and if you fail to do so the rate will go down.

Hope this was helpful. We are here if you need any further assistance.

My response

Hi Alex,

Thank you for explaining the system behind cancellations. I was not unfamiliar with this.

The real problem lies within the fact that the two cancellations today were due to an error in the system. Not because of me and not because of the buyer…
Please tell me that you agree with the fact that this should not affect my seller-status.
What happened here is in no relation to the performance of me as a Seller

So again want to ask you kindly to cancel the cancellations or somehow restore my Order Completion rate to what is was before the order from buyer “XXX” was cancelled (twice).




Alex from CS responded to me


The standards to keep certain level are, as listed on the analytics page and specifically for order completion is 90% or higher. We understand that not all cancellations can be avoided and some cases it’s clearly not the seller fault, just like in this case you’re writing us about, but our official approach that these rules applied to all sellers and to all sellers there are cases like mistakes and that why we don’t set the standard to higher threshold, according to our data 10% is a reasonable threshold for this.

We have to cancel these orders so they do not affect your rate so much however, you also have an order FOXXXXXXXXXX that dose.

We are here if you need any further assistance.

My response

Hi Frank,

Thank you for your quick response!

It’s not that I totally disagree with the system behind Order Completion Rate, and the threshold of 10% probably is fair.
It’s the reason why an order is cancelled versus the effect on the Order Completion Rate and thus my Seller status, that is not honest and fair, in my opinion and in the opinion of hundreds of fellow Sellers on Fiverr, according to many posts in the Fiverr Forums.

If you really want the Order Completion Rate to reflect cancelled Orders in general, that should not be a problem, but this should not affect the Seller status, when the seller did not have any influence on the cancellation.

My opinion is the following:

  • When an order is cancelled because of the fact that a buyer makes a mistake, the Buyers Status should be affected and not the Seller Status.
  • When there is a cancellation of an order due to an internal of external problem with a server or whatever, this should not affect the seller status.

That being said…
I did not exactly understand what you mean with your last sentence about you cancelling the orders, but if that means that you can cancel at least the two cancellations with the ordernumbers FOXXXXXXXXXX and FOXXXXXXXXXX, you would make me incredibly happy.
Also with that, you will set a great example of the good service a platform like Fiverr should offer.



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Alex from CS responded to me

Hello again,

We make changes every day and try to create much safer and pleasant environment for our users, so suggestion like this one is more than welcome.

Thanks to all of this information and we do understand your frustration, but you must understand us as well, currently, your analytics will continue to reflect all cancellations, probably in the near future, this may be updated as we are working on it.

Thanks once again

My response

Hi Alex,

Good to hear that you can apreciate my suggestions and don’t forget that I’m not the only one. Just scroll trough the Fiverr forum.

Now please tell me if you can cancel the two cancellations (or delete the orders completely) with the ordernumbers FOXXXXXXXXXX and FOXXXXXXXXXX, in order to correct my Order Completion Rate.
If you can’t do this for me, please escalate this ticket and/or forward this to a colleague or department with people who can do this for me.




Alex from CS responded to me

Hello Marc,

You are more than welcome!

I can escalate this to the highest instance but you will get the same response. Unfortunately, this cannot be changed at this moment.

Because the time for which this is calculated is 60 days as the time passes and you continue to successfully complete more orders, the rate will change and improve.

My response

Hi Alex,

I do not blame you if you can’t help me with this matter, but please help me to escalate this ticket to the highest instance anyway.

I hope you agree it must be technically possible to cancel a cancellation or an order, carried out by one or the other department somewhere, somehow.

I think it is important that you and your colleagues take this case very seriously. I am sharing this communication on the Fiverr Forum for my fellow Sellers on Fiverr to read.
You should know it’s a hot topic on the forum and it is already going on at least since the beginning of this year.

This is your chance to set a good example.

I hope to hear from you or one of your colleagues soon.



Hi @mhoekstra, I have little to contribute to your thread overall since I haven’t seen anyone on the forum being granted a reversal to a cancellation in a long time. I did want to mention to you that Fiverr Support and other staff members are already very aware of the forum threads on this topic.

The forum moderators have forwarded this information to the staff members that help with the forum and they have confirmed that they know it is an ongoing complaint. I don’t think mentions of the forum will actually help your case since they already all know about it, but I would be wrong. This is just for your info, nothing more or less. If you get any other responses feel free to update here, and if the thread is closed by the time you get responses, you can PM me via the forum and I can get the information added.


@fonthaunt: Thank you for your in depth response.
It’s good to hear from you that there is an awareness about this topic.

In this case I find the reply’s from the CS representatives so generic and impersonal, I just didn’t get the feeling that this is accurally the case. I can imagine they get a lot of tickets, but it’s such a delicate case…

You calmed me down a bit though, because you give me the feeling that there are ‘people’ behind all the systems, if you get what I mean.

I really hope my communication with CS and this forum post speed things up a little bit and this gives other sellers some more insight into the situation around the system behind Order Completion Rate versus Seller Status.

I totally understand what you mean and how you feel. I hope a resolution is found. I think that what seems like it would help is actually doing the opposite, unfortunately. I think Support is literally overwhelmed with tickets about cancellations. I think the staff members we have forwarded forum links to feel like this is an enormous issue that also comes off as overwhelming. It is a delicate case, which means they must be walking on eggshells.

There was a time when the cancellation rules for leveling were new that staff appeared to be making exceptions in single cases here and there. Sellers that were writing tickets that explained their cases very well seemed to be getting special attention and often did get personalized help. Of course, those sellers wrote about their successes on the forum and it spread like wildfire.

To my understanding, Support was suddenly inundated with a massive influx of tickets from sellers who wanted the same. Some of those sellers really should have had special help because the cancellations weren’t their fault. Hundreds of sellers who were just not good at their work also wrote in asking for special help with their cancellations. Support became overwhelmed and canned responses started to come back, first slowly, then entirely.

So, though it is VERY true that the “squeaky wheel” often gets the grease, if you are talking about the biggest train in the world with a few hundred squeaky wheels, it’s not so true.

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