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Due to time difference I miss many opportunity

I work late night upto 2 a.m however still like I am being contacted after this time upto I wake in the morning.

What are you suggestion about this as being from Kashmir its night here and for people of USA , UK who contact me its day there


I go to sleep at 7.0 A.M. frequently, 2 A.M. is not late for me lol. If you want to get those orders, calculate the timezone difference and be sure to be online during their day. If it means sleeping at 4 p.m., so be it :slight_smile:


You have to stay awake. I don’t go to sleep until 5 a.m. many nights.

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In my mind, I think there’s nothing I can do about it, so I just reply to the messages when I am awake. I would expect people to understand that there is a time difference between where we live. IF a potential buyer complains about me not responding fast enough, I’ll simply see that as a warning sign and not even bother. I’ll avoid that buyer.

On the other hand, if I get a message late at night, like right before I was planning to go to bed, I would reply to them and answer whatever questions they asked, and also add that I’m heading to bed so if they have further questions I would answer them in the morning, Tokyo time.
99% of the time, this works.


@naikoosuhaib Your question is very common. Actually difference of time is a open secret of freelancing. But i provide you a simple information. Maximum USA buyer post their project in their local time 9am-5pm. It’s their official time. You can use time or clock.

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