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Duh finally I can rest in peace!

So this story took place a day before yesterday. I woke up from sleep, took my shower and stuff. Then took my phone and bam! Where’s the f reaking wallet?

Then back to today. I was searching for the wallet like a mad bull chasing people in Spain bull fight. I was angry and boiled up and peaced off and what not. I was really getting insane on what should be done. Then I finally decided to quit and go to police station. (This was the stupidest thing I thought of as I was damn sure I lost it in my room)

Before going there I took a deep breath and tried to google for what should be done and opened an article with lots of information on how I should search for it.

Then finally I got a thought to check under my bed from nowhere and that freaking piece of stuff was there!

I swear that stupid junk was not there when I checked before. Anyways now I can die in peace. Also I’ve decide to reduce amount of important documents in wallet.



Glad you found it in the end! :slight_smile:


:smiley: reminds me of the morning I spent ~an hour looking for my glasses :dizzy_face:


Awesome composition… That could count for a great style of writing you know, keep it up dear! :sparkles:

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Thanks for reading it.

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