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Dumb question: Can Sellers buy gigs from other Sellers?


lol I just wanted to be sure I am not violating any Fiverr ToS. Recently 1 music seller approached me to do a “collab”

What I mean by collab is that, he offered me buying his gig service and told that he would buy my gig service too in return if he gets a 5 star rating from me…off course I will have to give him 5 star ratings (regardless of his crappy work … if any lol)



You are free to buy any gig you want, but what you’re describing isn’t a simple purchase - it’s a review exchange which is against ToS.

Please don’t do it, and report the seller who contacted you to CS please - they’re putting you in a potentially vulnerable position by even approaching you with their suggestion.


hmm… I thought so.

Thank you for clarifying!

Nahh, I won’t report him. Maybe he is unaware of this. It’s ok. I will buy only those gigs which I am interested in :slight_smile: