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Dumbest Buyer Comment Of The Day?


I know customer service is king on fiverr but at what point do you draw the line? Therefore please feel free to quote the dumbest customer enquiry ever. I mean on some gigs I despair other than SHOUTING! I don’t know how to get the point across. Such as “This gig specifically requires you to have your own hosting and a website” - Buyer orders, then demands to know why the gig doesn’t come with these…

Or, “Why can you not give out 80,000 pages of unique website content with each fiverr gig? Why? Why? As a seller your just being unreasonable” - ((Am I really?))

These are some of the more restrained gems I have had to deal with.

Let the discussion commence!


80,000 pages, did you write that correctly? That is the size of Amazon or Ebay for goodness sakes. I have had several sites with good PR and Google search rankings (top 10) and never needed that many pages to succeed.


I can’t afford to pay for the gig extras but I need this order within a week (my lead time is 20 days for a VERY good reason)


I think the worst one I got was something like

"Hi, can you please translate 5000 ( or so) words for one gig?

I’m trying to start my own business, this translation is very important,

so I neet TOP quality professional level. But I can only afford one gig."

I charge a gig for 200 words. For business related translations, I usually charge an extra gig depending on the contents.

I mean, this person was trying to start a business, this person wanted TOP quality translation, but can only 5 dollars.

This didn’t make me angry, it made me more…I don’t know, sad.

BTW, I told this buyer that I can’t work on it.

I wonder how this person’s business went.


Someone wanted me to knit them a pair of sneakers.

Besides the fact that I don’t knit (I crochet) … well, I told them I didn’t want to send them substandard work. They were really disappointed and then I felt bad. But … really?


Reply to @zeus777:

zeus777 said: This didn't make me angry, it made me more...I don't know, sad.

I get disappointed from the demanding requests from potential buyers with a misinformed mindset, especially when it's seeking desperation instead of stretching a gig. I know people look out for costs, but come on.. Need proof? Check out the green box to the right next time..

"Create and develop my entire website" - really? You know how much a domain and hosting costs, right?

"I want to open another office in ___" - great, but you're not getting the construction plans for the new place. Maybe a few fliers and a business card.


I don’t think I have gotten any dumb buyers. I get the smart asses that want me to explain everything to them in email (then you don’t have to buy the gig right?) or the ones that say “Gig me one gig for free and I will buy more in the future”. Sorry Wimpy that doesn’t work in the real world.


beatcraigslist, I had something similar happen. The guy ordered the basic gig, and was asking for the gig, plus all of the extras (so he wanted $25 worth of work for $5) – and he wanted it immediately: he was emailing me every few hours, saying “i have 50 more orders for u after this, can u do this faster plz” (The gig time was 3 days). Also my gig explicitly stated that I can create a message for you up to 30 letters, and his text was 100+ letters.

Can you cancel an order from a buyer if you feel like they don’t understand how a transaction works?


Order one gig and asking for different graphics for site banner / Tshirt / Card / Favicon / app icon / site background & Admin avatar :-))


Madmoo brings up a good point about cancellations. You dont want to Force a cancellation because it will give you a negative rating, so you can ask for a mutual cancellation. But what if as Madmoo said, the buyer doesnt want to accept? Well, that would seem like a bad spot to be in, BUT you can always make the buyer agree by simply becoming difficult. How you go about that I leave to your own imagination and ethics, but if they get tired of you, then they will agree to cancel and be rid of you.


I always ask for some sort of specification what they want me to do a tarot reading on, because the more details I get, the more specific my answer is. If you go to a doctor saying your face hurts, he isn’t gonna be able to help you much without prodding deeper. :slight_smile:

I’ve had various buyers just say "Yeah, I want just a general reading for whatever you want."

I deliver.

2 hours later I get a page long message asking me to look into EVERYTHING, with 20 questions included. -_- And they dont want to buy another gig.


That seems unfair that you can’t cancel a gig. What if you simply can’t deliver the gig, because the buyer asks for something outrageous or because of a personal incident in your life?


Me finds again I think like @oldbittygrandma. There have been really stupid things but I think most of it is that the buyer is new to Fiverr. And I say this with the utmost love. At first Fiver can be difficult to understand. For intuitiveness I give it a B-. And it is a bit clunky. I’m sure I’m not the only one to point this out, but why when we take money out can’t we define the amount? Sometimes I want part of it to go to PayPal and part of it to go to the Fiverr card. Or I want to keep some of it here to keep me from spending it! I didn’t need that jar of cheese sauce from CVS. Ok, I’m babbling.


hey folks right now i have an issue with a customer and i do need you help on how to handle that… first i offered to make a custom Wordpress theme based on his CSS – good he ordered and pay like $15 which was too small for this task but well i am broke and i need good rating and i feel like i love doing web development so lets do it… i checked on the website and WTF! its table based layout i didn’t see that from the 90’s and the CSS is inline! now how am i suppose to do that? i have to remake the whole website at least and then make a custom Wordpress theme from an ugly 90ish design! for 15 bucks? and i asked him to give me the file he have he don’t answer at all… and he don’t even what CSS is and he said he is on Hostgator thats all he know! well what in joe Pesci’s Name i am going to do?


Reply to @misnoul: Mutual cancellation I’m afraid is the only way to go :frowning:


Reply to @jeffmoses:

thank you, i am thinking about it… even if things are pretty tight and no gigs on the horizon…


Reply to @jeffmoses:

i just did, but what happen if he doesn’t accept the cancelation?


Reply to @misnoul: If the buyer does not respond in 2 days it is automatically cancelled due to no response from the buyer. If they start being difficult just drop Customer Support a message explaining the situation and they can cancel for you.


I have some buyers that offer up to $1000 (yeah right) for the method I use to deliver youtube views, and they haven’t even placed a gig with me yet.

The dumbest user I ever met was one that asked for the method, and after I told him to place an order first to see if he was for real (he cancelled the only order he placed with me), he ended up begging me to just give away the method to him for free…



Reply to @jeffmoses:

thank you a lot my friend, it’s very helpful.