Dummy customer create order, cancel immediately and then open a new one, now lower my ranking to 95%


Hello, a few days ago a customer created an order in one of my Gigs, suddenly canceled it immediately. He then created a new order, even for more money, since he does not know how fiverr works. I wrote to the support department, and they tell me that they can not remove that delete from my profile even though it is clear that the client made it by mistake, even the same client wrote it.

This makes sense? In other words, can anyone ruin a user’s ranking by making that mistake and there is no way to remove it?



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I have the same experience. I contacted with the Fiverr Support and they said me that’s not affect your sales because “that rating is just for you - to evaluate your analytics” and also told me they can differ from bad cancellations of the correct ones :blush:


Thanks so much !!! That’s great!!! Thanks for your answer. Blessings!


Your welcome! :hugging:


I wouldn’t believe this if I were you. Trust me!


High 5 :wave: fellow conspiracy theorist…


I want to believe


My real concern is actually the algorithm, and the way it evaluates your profile. Will I continue to receive new customers as if I had 100% complete orders?


Yes, the customers don’t see this information, so don’t worry. The customers only see your reviews :slight_smile:


Y’all free to believe whatever you want to believe…

This much is true. The customers don’t see it. But that’s not to say don’t fret. Try reducing your rate of cancellation if possible. Otherwise, well…


If they could at least split the cancellations, the real ones, and the others, they can solve this situation. If they put in writing something that says “If you need more services, ask to add a custom offer” would be great!