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I have a real dilemma on my hands and need instructions on the beast way to resolve it.

I only have a few completed gigs under my belt and will soon be revamping my gig offerings now that I have learned the best way to present my offerings, so I think I will be OK, there.

My real problem lies in the fact that I want to offer gigs in a completely unrelated area of expertise. My current username is not appropriate for these gigs, and showing my other gig offerings to prospective clients would keep me at zero jobs, forever.

I’m trying to ascertain if more than one Fiverr account is ever permissible, or should I just shut down my current account and start over as I believe my newly created gigs will be much more lucrative. I don’t see where the need for displaying my current feedback would be much of a benefit and as I said, showing the other gigs I offer will kill the likelihood of getting gigs in my new offerings.

Your thoughts on the best way to deal with this situation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Big Frank


I’d say just open up more gigs under the same account. Creating duplicate accounts is not allowed here.

Also, people sometimes have bad, irrelevant usernames (like me) and they end up being fine.

I don’t see any negatives to having gigs in vastly different areas. That just means that you have a variety of talents, and what’s so bad about that?


OK. That all sounds good, but just a couple more questions.

  1. If I have a gig in two totally unrelated areas of specialty, as defined by the site’s menu offerings, will looking at a gig in one specialty, show all of my other gigs - sitewide, or only gigs in the same specialty?

  2. I hear you on the duplicate accounts, but I’m wondering how many people actually have more than one? It’s the Internet.


He’s not suggesting just one account… :wink:

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If you want to have your account shut down - it’s not fine at all. :frowning:


Missunderstanding alert

@misscrystal said this

This was not aimed at @bigfranknj but at a user who posted instructions for how to break the rules - the comment was removed.

I am sure a simple apology would suffice.


It was a simple misunderstanding - I am sure you wouldn’t like it if you thought someone was accusing you of similar. Anyway, it’s finished now, let’s move on.