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Duplicate feedback shown after clicking "show more" on any gig's sales page

To give you an example, go on this gig (I’m NOT promoting it at all, its just an example):

After the first 5 reviews on the gig, if you click “show more” the same 5 reviews will be shown, over and over again in a duplicate style manner.

This happens with ALL GIGS not just the gig example I gave you, please have this fixed so it is like before, I usually like to keep clicking the “show more” button and read more and more reviews until I gained enough confidence to purchase the gig,

On a side note:

I just don’t understand how so many bugs can be forming constantly on the site.

Fiverr has a reputation for taking MONTHS to fix simple bugs (I hope it doesn’t happen in this case because I will completely STOP using fiverr if this continues)…

I mean with 20% commission fiverr is making off of EACH sale, I AT LEAST expect a PREMIUM service…

I’m just constantly more and more dissapointed with the decisions that the Big (EXTREMELY wealthy) Fiverr Boss’s are taking, it just really seems they don’t care about customer support, its almost like this is just a simple cash cow for them…

I put in a ticket over 2 days ago telling you about this and it hasn’t even been replied to yet,

Thank you,

I posted about this a couple of days ago…

I also submitted a ticket and haven’t heard back. A couple of people responded and were having the same issue. I’m following this feed to see if any results are posted.

Fiverr stated today that the issue has been resolved, and in my case it appears to have been. Hope you find the same results.