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Duplicate Gig Extra Error


I recently got demoted to Level 0 because I didn’t know about Fiverr’s policy of direct payments and because of that, one of my gig extras were removed. It was the most important extra and when I try to rename one of my existing extras, it gives me an error that same extra already exists. How is this possible? How do I remove that gig extra which was removed because of my level demotion so I can add it again?

Also, when I try to rename one of my extras using different words than the deleted one, it gives me some stupid error as “Gig Items Price Can’t Be Blank”. What is happening?

Hello, I’m sorry about what is happening; but every seller and buyer has equally been told in the ToS agreement what are the do’s and don’ts. Not adhering to those things could result in great consequences. With regard to your troubles, have you tried contacting Fiverr Customer Support? They may be able to better walk you through everything, and help rectify any bugs that may be present.
Good luck :slight_smile:


Contact the support friend.