Duplicate Order Created and Delivered!


I wonder if some one can guide me further !:roll_eyes:

After discussion with Buyer, I have been asked to create a Custom Offer. I did that and at the same time Buyer also created another order same time. Eventually by oversight both order created. It was a very rush order and I have delivered within few minutes. Problem is I have delivered my work in both the order without realizing that I am duplicating it. Also same time I was feeling very sleepy due to late night. :sleeping:

Buyer realized that and luckily she has accepted ONE delivery the first one. Now the second one lying pending for Buyer’s review after my delivery.
I believe it is injustice, what should be the next step to come out of this mess without impacting my record. I know work will be completed within 3 days automatically. But I want some justice to happen, not fare at Buyer’s part.


You’ll have to contact support, tell them what happened and ask them to cancel the doubled order, give them the exact order number of the order that should be cancelled and make sure they’ll know to cancel that order and not the other one.
You can try mentioning that you hope it won’t affect your completion rate as it shouldn’t because the buyer created that additional order even though they asked you to send a custom offer, and hope that they can cancel for you without it affecting your rate.
If that’s even possible for them technically, or not, after you delivered to that order as well, no idea, but trying won’t hurt, good luck.


Thanks Miiila, for your advice. Only 2 things worried me - My reputation and Buyers injustice


To be honest, I would cancel this asap via the resolution center and forget about it.

It is wrong that miss-orders and impossible to avoid cancellations have an effect on seller ratings at all. However, by delivering this order, it looks like you have tried to purposefully cash in on the mistake. I know you haven’t. However, this is what a CS agent dealing with lots of requests at once or not paying full attention might think. - Especially given the identical deliveries.

Even if CS cancels this order, it will bring down your ratings. For this reason, I’d avoid any possible confusion and just cancel myself. It’s far from ideal, but IMO this is your best option.


Cy has a point there. On the other hand, it’s possible that the buyer contacts CS on her part to be refunded and in that case, I’m not sure if it’s not better to report the issue yourself as soon as or even better before the buyer, as even if you send a cancellation request yourself via the resolution center, if they look into it in case the buyer contacts them, it might look as if you only sent the cancellation request because the buyer realized there were two orders for the same thing.

In which case I think it may be beneficial if you take the matter to support yourself, ideally before the buyer may, so you can explain the whole situation and how it happened. If the conversation between your buyer and you back that up, I don’t think there’s much reason to worry.

No ideal way here, no. The only chance to have it not count for your stats, which you were worried about, as small as it may be, is to take it to support, but there is the possibility that a support agent may misunderstand the situation, sure.


@cyaxrex , Let me be clear, I have no intention to do this purposefully. If that is the case, I shouldn’t have enquired about this in forum. However I second your idea to cancel myself. Thank you.