Duplicate Orders after acceptance of single Custom Offer


Yesterday I sent one custom offer to a buyer. After he accepted my offer the orders duplicate itself, so now I got 2 identical orders!

Then I contact CS about that and this is what I get today.



Obviously, this is the system glitch, I never encounter this before, anyone of you facing the same problem and know what’s the reason causing that? I’ll try to avoid.


It happened to me yesterday but when I did a hard refresh it disappeared and only one was placed


Recently, I placed 5 orders with 5 sellers.

It triplicated itself. It looked as if I ordered 3 times.

I promise you, I did not! No error message and I only filled requirement once. I don’t know what happened. This has happened to me at least 3x.

Before anyone wonders, I did not cancel on sellers. :slight_smile:


Oh dear this just happened to me…It was a custom order as well. @chrisdata did you end up having them remove it? If so, were you impacted by it? This really seems to silly there is no option in the resolution center to correct this without impacting the seller negatively. So, is it best to leave it in limbo?


@solwonder just contact CS and tell them what happened then they will cancel the order for you.