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Duplicate payment and find a right place to approach for getting my money

Hello everyone ,
I placed an order with one person and my amount deducted twice . I put in forum for return my money . But nobody give me a reply . Please provide me a valid contact so that I approach to them for my issues


Hi, I have the same problem. Just wondering if you have been updated? I am currently still waiting for a reply after 48 hours.

I’m having the same problem! This is beyond joke now. Luckily, I got all my money back last time which is worth USD$210. I’m afraid to make big purchase since that incident. Just now, I bought a gig cost $10 and guess what? It happened again, so sick of this now. They should fix it otherwise their conversion rate will tanked

I Just checked my account and the same thing just happened duplicate payment and it is a huge amount. I am considering cancelling the transactions by calling my bank for fraud if I don’t get a response.

I would not recommend doing that as it’s against fiverr tos and your account will be restricted right away.
If you contacted fiverr support just wait for their reply.
In this pandemic times it takes them longer to reply, in some cases up to 10 days but they for sure will solve that as soon as they will get to your query in queue.

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They made a good website and have this payment problem. 1700 Australian dollars and no reply after 48 dollars. That’s not acceptable. Have to report unauthorized payment to get the money back.

Just happened to me. I took 2 orders and guess i paid for . And im waiting with open tickets 3 days now. Its terrible customer service.