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Duplicated Gigs by the same user

I’m a little tired to see some gigs getting a good placement in the search for no reason (even having low ratings), then I contacted fiverr support who told me they are doing this to give a chance for some gigs. That it also rotate (shuffle gigs on top) and etc.

I dont like or even agree with this, because while giving a chance for some with low performance, fiverr is prejudicing others who have a great performance, but what can I do, right?

Anyway, I got really frustrated and started to analyze these gigs which were getting a good placement in the search algorithm. Only in the first page (know that I didnt looked the whole page) I spotted 8 different users offering similar or even identical gigs. I mean the same user offering the same service in the same sub-category, using more than 1 gig to do this (behavior not approved by fiverr policy).

-One of the users had 10 (yes, TEN ) similar gigs, just changing the title and cover, but offering the exact same service. And it’s just in 1 sub category, this one had also another 3 or 4 identical gigs in other sub category.
-Other one dont even changed it’s title/cover/descrpition, it was exactly duplicated.
-Other being a TRS (Top Rated Seller) had 2 of her identical/similar gigs in the very first page (one being the top of the search).

I’m asking myself, does it worth giving a chance to other users to have some opportunity if most of these sellers doesn’t even respect each other?

If you may think I’m lying or overreacting, try do the same in your category. At least for me, between 30-40% of the first page (when searching for a keyword, and filtering by AVG CUSTOMER REVIEW or RELEVANCE/RECOMMEND) is populated with gigs that are duplicated by the same user.

That’s why I will always appreciate our meritocracy to decide our placement here.

PS: yes, I reported them all and they could get their gigs deleted.

I encourage everybody to do the same (report people who use more than 1 gig to offer the same service in the same sub-category).

I also already discovered the same person with 2 different accounts (which is not allowed too), but it’s another story for another time :slight_smile:
Thank you,

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By the way, if you are one of those and are reading this, I’m watching you :eye::eye:

That doesn’t sound threatening in the least does it?


It would never be a threat for those who respect fiverr rules, right?

Perhaps speaking to CS without announcing it on the forum might be better - you know, stealth and all that? :wink:

it doesn’t change, at least for me. Only CS can do something or the own users who are acting like this, and maybe these last read this, maybe they could save his/her gig before getting deleted.

I’m not a bad person, I’m just tired about poor behaviors here at fiverr :blush:

Whatever makes you happy! :grinning:

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