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Duplicated order



I just got an order from a buyer in response to a custom order, so I get a notification in messages.

Two gigs with exactly the same description (custom order) but different Order numbers, 20 minutes apart.

I only got the one notification, only realised when the buyer contacted me to say they had been charged twice. Not sure what’s going on or if it’s a bug…surely the buyer shouldn’t be able to accept the same offer twice?

Fiverr, I can send you the order IDs if it helps?




Just as a heads up, the people in here are not Fiverr :smiley: (Fiverr staff rarely checks the Forum as far as I saw)

We are regular sellers/buyers just like you, so please don’t send any order IDs since we can’t do anything with them.

You should escalate this to Customer Support, because you have better/higher chances to get your bug/problem solved :wink:


Ooops :wink: OK thanks – shall contact them direct :slight_smile: