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Duplicated Works


Little disappointed just found my logo, which obviously wasn’t my logo. Was already someone else’s since 2015. I searched these forums pages for advice and see on the cheaper gig’s for $5 there is acceptance of using templates. Ok I get that but the seller’s description doesn’t state they will use a template. My order was $8 which turned into A$10.74 for me. Guess I will just take it as something to learn from and end my grumbling.


Sorry this happened to you!

It is suspicious that someone who only is getting $4, after fees, for a logo would make a new one as a designer, for each client, especially when they get hundreds of clients a month. To get a custom designed one would cost a lot more probably.

The solution is to find a great top rated seller to do one at a fair price, which is probably at least a few hundred dollars.


All good lesson learnt. Will go back to the seller’s who I have used with success (and yes advertised at higher price)


I think you can summit a ticket and get a refund. I do not think duplicate work is legal and is a violation from what I can remember. The use of a template is fine. No worries there are a million talented designers in here!
Best of luck.


Actually you should opea a ticket and complin to cutomer service about him. becouse they are big problem to to both parties. designer and client. there are lot of talented new desgner. people are worry to give their business to new designer becouse of the cheat designer like you mentioned.


mnsartstudionew is right on his point, actually templates are free for users who want to use them personally not to resell them. the main idea of using templates for designers is to get the idea and save time wasted on designing from scratch. I think it’s on designer to use template not the same as it is, but to mold or modify it according to his/her idea in mind.

All I want to say is that if a designer takes a template and sell’s it as it is then he/she is not a designer :unamused:


Thank you for the replies. I have received a reply from the seller offering a new logo. Will accept the offer however get them to digitalise a logo I have already have but not digital. Surely that’s not to hard. I did lodge a customer service ticket but asking what I should do. Didn’t ask for a refund as I’m new to this. Thanks again.


atleast you can inform to them about his work. then they will give warning to him.