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Duran Duran vs Tears for Fears plus Spandau Ballet

If you are given a million dollar with one condition that you can listen to only either of the sides, which one would you choose?

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I would listen to another band. For example, I love Sting. He has a concert tonight in my city, but I was not able to get tickets. :frowning:

Next are Toto, which I would get tickets to attend to.

Forget about a million dollar then.

And seriously, what is with the topics that you create with getting “Millions” of dollars? You have made a lot of them, for a house and such. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love to make these kind of topics and see what the other people would do when the choice be given. I think the forum needs to chill a little more. I am tired of seeing the same old topics here.

Aren’t you a new member to the forum? It is good to have some chill topics, I don’t have anything against them. But sometimes is great to have business topics.

There are plenty posted everyday here.

Okay, but don’t you find them useful?

Not reading the repeats.

Hm… I guess okay?

Yes, there are some repeats, but some might get more attention, different views and a lot of new stuff to learn. Things that I avoid are “Mek Sel” threads.

That’s what the most threads are about.

It’s hard to explain this to anyone who hasn’t been on the forum for ages, but there is a difference between a strong post about tips for making sales or questions about making sales and the “mek sell” post. Any attempt to explain it would likely go wrong no matter who tries to do it, so it’s probably better just to hang out and absorb.

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