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Duration must be GREATER than ONE?

I cannot complete the posting of my new gig, because I keep getting this notification in red at the top of the page: Duration MUST be greater than ONE! But my GIG IS greater than one… I believe it’s referring to the duration of the video which is what I’m offering… I have three options, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 180 seconds, and that’s what I have input into the fields, however, it will not let me past this page, as it says “duration must be greater than one”?


As per my knowledge duration should exactly be 1.00min… I had added a video for my gig whose Duration was 1min

I don’t think it’s the video - I’ve offered >30 second videos before now.

Are you sure it doesn’t have something to do with delivery?

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This is the exact wording at the top of the page: Gig items expected duration must be greater or equal to 1

I believe you have to have at least 2 days delivery if you offer the gig extra of fast delivery

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I have not included the option of doing fast delivery.

It doesn’t really say anything about the video duration, BUT of the GIG ITEMS duration… so what exactly is the gig item?

I think it’s the number of days delivery. Check it’s specified (at least 1) in the gig or each gig package.

This may be helpful to you:

I had that all filled out… My number of days for delivery was set to 5.

I have created many gigs… over many years… never encountered this before?

You could try asking CS or maybe add a screenshot here with the screen showing the error.

Though I think it’s a number of days delivery somewhere. If it’s not the standard number of days delivery in a gig/package maybe it’s one in an extra.

I have the same problem with my first gig…

I have the same problem , did you find any solution?

Do you have a screenshot of the page with the error? Have you entered/selected at least 1 for any field with number of days delivery?

Does your gig have any extras and if so is there something similar there that you haven’t filled with the number of days delivery that it thinks is required?

Is it anything to do with the “management duration” and “delivery time” in one of your gigs (eg. in one of your gigs the number of days delivery is less than the management duration).

(Attachment fiverr error 2.tif is missing)

(Attachment Fiverr Error.tif is missing)

That all looks okay. It doesn’t show the error though. Does the gig have any extras and does everything look okay there? Are you using Chrome? Have you tried reloading the page(s) - and maybe removing cookies- and does it still keep giving the error? I doubt it but I wonder if it could be picking up something in the package descriptions - you could try removing some of the text there and re-trying.

You could contact CS with the screenshot(s) if necessary.