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Duration Question

I’m a little confused about the Gig Duration… It says in the help area "How long will it take you deliver this Gig?"

Does this mean how long will it take me to officially send it in the mail -OR- how long will it take until the item officially gets to the buyer? Because that will change my answer dramatically and I need to know what to put.

If its shipped how long you need until its shipped.

If its a regular gig its how long until you promise to deliver the gig to the buyer.

That means how long it takes for you to deliver your order.

mine is like 24 hours. It feels good to satisfy the customer. Don’t you think. :smiley:

It means the maximum amount of time that the seller can be expected to complete the gig. For example, my gig has a 24-hour turn-around and I say right in the description that I will complete it within 24 hours, but I typically finish and deliver my gigs within six hours or less. This way, even if my toddler gets cranky and destroys the house, I still have 23 hours and 45 minutes to complete 15 minutes of work and be on time :smiley: