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E-book cover if not satisfied or any problems in design 100%money back guaranty


Hi! I am a driven and creative graphic designer with a very good experience,i will delivered within 24 hours, if you have any problems with designs 100% money back guaranty


Just a heads up that the book title is spelled incorrectly. “Government”, “Dependence” & “Financial”

ps. I saw you posted this and another gig as well to promote. Just a heads up that the “100% Money back guaranty” may come back to bite you. Some buyers make take advantage of this statement and say that they are not satisfied with your work, when really it’s fine.


i wrote the book name according to buyer so no any mistake on spelling it was last delivered work!

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Discussion about work which has already deliverd

Now I’m curious. Did you notice that the customer used incorrect spelling and not tell them? Or did you not notice that almost everything was spelled wrong?

Either way, your “If there are any problems, please let me know” phrase will get it’s money’s worth.