E-commerce Facebook page for $5 only what functions would you like to be added as a buyer?


Here is my gig


What would you be looking for on that pages a buyer?


Okay lets say I know what Facebook is. But what is a “custom facebook page”? Let’s say I sell stuff on-line but have no idea an “e-commerce website” is. How would I know if I want additional pages, if I don’t even know I need one page. What would I do with it? How would I manage it? Get my point? Your gig descriptions leave a lot to be desired in terms of what you’re selling and how the buyer will benefit. :slight_smile:


@voiceoverwork It will be tab added on your timeline page(say.“online store”)…when people will click on that they will enter on a facebook tab(created with google site,wordpress or something)…remember they don’t need to leave faceboo…your ecommerce page will be embed in facebook where people can buy things using paypal.

i’ll teach you how to manage it in back-end…Thanks!!


@kittujai Well thanks, however the questions weren’t asked for my benefit. Why aren’t you telling potential buyers all that (and more) in your gig description?


Looks like you have many great gigs, I wish you great luck and success with Fiverr in 2013


@tn5rr2012 …Thanks a lot…