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E commerce order complete

Hi i had an order complete and was please but after a week the server he used had been removed and i have a launch in two days how do i get this resolved and get a refund to pay some one else do i go to paypal my work can not be completed am stuck…

Hi, always use your own separate hosting server.

Contact customer support about this. What does your seller say?

Do not go to Paypal since this will cause fiverr to block your account here.

I agree with miss crystal just go to support they 'll surely find a solution.

First of all, you should never rely on a developer or a designer to provide you with a hosting account/server.

Did you ask the server’s support team if the seller had paid for the servers or was he running it in trial mode? Some hosting companies offer a 10 days trial period before charging the customer.

Did you contact the seller to address this issue?
Maybe the seller isn’t aware of the problems you are facing. Make sure to contact the seller before contacting the customer support team.

Did you raise a support ticket with the Fiverr support team to resolve your issue?
If your seller is not co-operating or isn’t replying at all, you should contact the support team and ask them to help you out.

In any case, do not ask PayPal to get the refund. This will result in permanent blacklisting of your PayPal account on Fiverr. Even though your website is gone, technically the seller completed the order and you were satisfied with the final product.