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E-mail address change


i created my fiverr account few days ago , can i change my email address now?


it is better to not change


elias_dawan , whats the reason?


You should contact support for these types of purpose :skull_and_crossbones:


wordpressdony , thank you


not possible to change


Hello ydesign99
you have to contact Fiverr customer support. They will Change you Mail and they are very supportive and good .


maybe not possible . i am not sure .


I am Sure They will help you " "
there support team is very supportive


I think you can not change this gmail… but you can contact fiverr support , I think they can help you .


Once logged in, click your username and then click Settings ( Billing)
click Change to change the email in your profile
Enter your e-mail address
The Phone Verification Required window appears.
Enter the verification code you receive, and then click Submit Code.


Yes, I think so. Thanks for the message.