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E-Mail Notification Issues? [RESOLVED]


Has anybody else been experiencing issues receiving Fiverr e-mail notifications this week? I’ve always received them just fine, but this week have been slow to respond to some messages because the e-mails aren’t coming in.

Haven’t changed any settings on my e-mail or on Fiverr (all notifications still turned on) and nothing going in my Spam folders.

2 days ago I received notifications for some but not all. Since then I haven’t had any, although I have had new orders and messages.

Just wondering if it’s an issue need to look into more or if it’s just a Fiverr temporary issue.


Not an issue with me so far… I get emails promptly, as soon as I get a message on fiverr…


Same here - no emails for the last few days, but I am getting messages on the app without any problems.


of course .there is some issue. some time i dont get mortification


Mortification? I hope not - maybe you’re not getting notifications?


Something is wrong because I can’t send messages. Deleted cookies, history, changed a browser - the same issue.


Auto correction perhaps?


Your messaging abilities has been restricted.

  • Fiverr Support.



No, it’s back to normal now. Some kind of lag, I think.


The app was working fine for me also but no e-mail. As of today mine seems to be working again, all new orders/messages I receive are coming to my e-mail!