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Earlier Bidders Are Not Always The Best

One thing I have experienced on most freelancer sites including my favorite site, Fiverr is that as soon as a buyer launched a job, many sellers start bidding immediately. Many who first bid don’t even take time to read the job description, all they want is who shall be the quickest bidders. Because of this many buyers also make mistakes by choosing the wrong sellers. I kindly advise buyers to keep scrolling down, reading and get the profile of any seller before choosing. As a buyer, ask questions or probably demand for relevant samples of what you are expecting. This will make a buyer to have a feel for the experience of the seller.

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When you get bids it’s like hiring someone for a job at your store or company, you review their ratings, credentials and other factors before deciding. If they didn’t read your post they probably won’t be a good fit.

From my dealings with buyers, I get the feeling that they do this anyways. People aren’t eager to choose whoever has their finger on the mouse, they’re eager to choose who can provide the best samples and relevant work.

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Buyers who choose the cheapest trigger happy seller aren’t really worth fighting for. You want to get smart buyers who actually do their research.

I’m not worried about impatient buyers because most likely we wouldn’t be a good match anyway. They would start asking for updates every other hour and most of them expect a lot for very low cost.


This times a thousand. My thoughts exactly.