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Early payout button at Earnings? How does it work? Any catches?

I’ve just noticed an “early payout” button at earnings. How does it work or is there any catch, disadvantage for this early payout button stuff? Does anyone got any note about this?

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It’s only Available for orders when buyer leaves a feedback.

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I want to answer your question, most likely, this is only available when a person leaves a review

Check this link. Here you will get lots of info.

The buyer has to manually mark the order as complete to get the early payout option - whether they rate the order or not has no bearings. There is a 1% fee for using early payout. For instance, if you payout $10, you’ll pay a 10 cent fee. This might not seem like a big disadvantage, but using the feature too often will start to take a big chunk of your earnings.

1% of 100 is 1, not 0,10.

I meant to say $10. Good catch on my sticky keys.

This is a great feature actually! i just got this feature today and i’m so much excited. Thanks for this feature.

I have orders like these but don’t see this feature. Is it certain regions only perhaps?

It is still in Beta and being tested, so it might not be available in all regions. I haven’t seen a pattern yet as to who has access and who does not. I haven’t actually clicked the button to see what happens afterward yet.

Thanks for your reply ma’am. I will keep an eye out for it in the coming weeks.

I am not able to see the early payout option button on my desktop, laptop or mobile device. Is there something in my settings that I need to change? I am a level 2 voiceover seller. Thanks for any advice.