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Early Payout feature question

So help me out with this…Early Payout Feature was for all 5 star reviews at one point. I’m noticing i’m getting orders with no reviews and now I’m still getting the early payout feature on those orders!!! Am I correct on this? If that’s the case how cool is that!!!


I think it only work if the orders werent completed automatically.

It works on any order with “Funds Pending Clearance” in the column titled “For” no matter how many stars. I have a rating of 4.3-star and the option is still available.


this must not be the case… because I only get the Early Payout option on SOME of my orders… … I have a list of pending orders almost all the time… and only a few of them are listed as options to withdraw funds early. Not sure what the deal is.

If your order auto-completes, the option will not be given to you. It is only available when a buyer manually-completes an order.