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Early Payout Option Removed

Hello, I had an option for Early Payout, and it’s now removed from my account. Is there any information on why they removed it again? It was a very great option I guess, They should not remove this.

Let me know if anyone has news about this.
Thank you in advance


Same here , don’t know why!!

Did you lose your rank? I am not sure if 0 Level sellers can have an early payout.

Also, some funds are not eligible for early payout.

Here is a list of forum topics on early payout:


No, i didn’t lose my rankd, still level 2 and the early payout option is gone! weird, maybe it will comeback.

I am level 2 also and it removed for my account
But I used cash advance option , Maybe the early payout not work while you use cash advance

I’m a 0 Level Seller (Supposedly Level 2 tbh and just had a series of unfortunate buyers)… I have the early payout available. And oddly one of my gigs are even tagged Fiverr’s choice every other week despite the lack of the level :sweat_smile:

@hill_climber it usually appears and disappears every so often. It appears in random since it’s still in beta meaning they are still testing it out.


This sounds logical but since the cash advance payback is automated, to assume they might have removed instant payout because they feel you might beat the system and withdraw before paying 40% (for loan payback) doesn’t make sense to me. The two options can co-exist.


yes you are still fiverr choice

I don’t know. Same problem with my account. If anyone get the actual reason please inform me. Thanks.

It seems that I don’t have it either at the moment , we’ll see what happens

Does anyone have information on this? The cash advance option also disappeared.

Mystery solved… it seems that if you haven’t paid yet the amount of money that you owe for your previous paid promotions option the feature is temporary disabled until you manage to pay the full amount.


Early payout is still available for me. This does only seem to be available on completed orders that have received a review.

I don’t think so. My fee for the promotion feature was paid on march 1st, yet a day later the early payout option went missing within an hour (I was about to use it, suddenly it disappeared for no reason). I’m using the promotion since months and something like this never happened. I think this could have something to do with the new cash advance option or the current “The user account you are looking for is no longer available” message bug that a lot of people (including me) get all the time. Seems like something caused a little bit of trouble. I hope they fix it soon, I find the early payout option very helpful.

Edit: Has someone opened a ticket for this issue? Don’t want to bomb CS with requests about this, but maybe someone got an answer already what’s causing the problem.

I don’t think CS would mind if you ask them that. You should go ahead and try and update here how it went.

that’s what support said

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That’s weird then as it’s automatically being paid. Never happened to me before and the fee was paid on march 1st. Do we just have to wait or did support tell you how you can see what you still have to pay or how to pay the difference to activate the feature again?

support was right , it’s available now again…after they took the $$$ for the previous paid promotion

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Hello, is your early payout option back?

yes that’s what I was saying above