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Early Payout Option Removed

I have paid the charges incurred from promoting my gig on the first of March, but from the 1st to now, I have incurred a few bucks also.
Is there a way to pay now? Since you said support said the feature was taken out because of unpaid promoted gigs charge.

i was demoted to level one and then i am again back to Level 2 but the early payout is gone :frowning:

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Kindly confirm that the issue has been resolved.

Was your problem resolved? Because I encountered the same issue and unlike cre8iveartwork I didn’t get any straight answers from a support agent.

The problem has been fixed for me. However, it still seemed to be some kind of bug. The promotion fees were deducted with on the first of March, then reversed, only to be deducted again on the fourth of March. After that, the feature was available again.

In my case there was no available cash at the moment of march 1, fiverr added funds to my account which is peculiar on its own, then they deducted this amount and supposedly after that I lost the early payout and cash in advance button Screenshot_2|690x222. I hope it will be back once the closest order clearance will be fulfilled.

How much time did it take for your early payout button to appear again? Just paid all the fees from cleared money and yet it’s not there.

1-2 hours after they took the money for the paid promotions

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Same of you. My early payout option removed. If you received again this option please, Let me know.

Is it back for you now?

Yes, it took around 12 hours for the ‘early payout’ and ‘cash in advance’ to be back after fiverr took money for promotional gigs

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Hello Everyone,
My “Early Payout” Option back to me.

so sad mine is still not back its been a day since i paid back my promotional fee

I contacted their support team and their saying they’re working on making it to where everyone can have early payout and it will come back soon once development is complete. I think they understand nobody wants to get paid every two weeks.

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My early payout option removed. Let me know when you get any update. Thanks