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Early payout option

I just got the option yesterday, and I love it, I will gladly pay 1% more in fees to get the money so much quicker!

Helps with the cashflow, makes life easier!
I look forward to more new features like this one!


It’s a personal thing, but I just don’t get it.

As a UK based seller I already pay 20% to Fiverr (no problem with that), I lose a further 9% in PayPal exchange rate / fees, I have to pay another 22% (approximately) in UK tax and national insurance… why would I want to lose yet another percentage point?

Approximately half of my gig price is already lost in fees, tax and insurance.

Charging 1% to withdraw funds quicker is just another way for us sellers to lose even more of our hard-earned income.


Where we can find this option?

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It is still a beta function, so not everyone has it, some people got it a month or two back. But I sure hope this will stay!

Waooo, that’s great. It means we don’t need to wait for 14 days to withdraw money. LOVE FIVERR.


Correct, you pay 1% and it is available right away. :slight_smile:

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Currently i have no order (waiting for one month) but as soon i have it i will surly use this feature.


Awesome feature :slight_smile:


As you said it is kind of a preference thing.
Personally I would love a scheme similar to Upwork where your fees go down based on your revenue with one client, so if 1 client spends more than 2k it goes down to 10% if you have more than 10k revenue it is lowered to 5%. Another great thing would be a lowered fee for top-rated and/or Pro sellers.

Now, as you mentioned, I am ok with the 20% in general, because that is money I save on marketing, escrow services etc., for me personally the early payout is a great option, since you can instantly boost cash flow if needed (resellers will be very happy about this), and you, of course, do not have to take advantage of it.

I do get your point tho, I do not pay remotely that much in taxes ( I pay a fixed amount) + Fiverr amounts to about 35-40% of my total revenue, so I do not “lose” as much. That being said, I am sure your pension will be quite a bit better than mine :smiley:

So as long as we get features that we aren’t forced to use, I am very happy.

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Yes, I think it’s a good feature to get paid in need of emergency cash.

As per my observation, you will avail of this feature for order when the client accepts your work. If the client miss to accept the order and marked automatically completed then you will not get the early payout option.

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That is not how it works, I have the option for 2 orders that were closed automatically, so probably just happens to be this way in your case :slight_smile:

You might want to go back and blur this image again buddy, we can still see/make out your withdrawn amount…

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Thanks for the tip, yeah, I don’t really care if people can make it out, just didn’t want it to look like I am bragging or discourage others or whatever :slight_smile:


That’s very thoughtful of you!

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I have had this feature since the beginning, but like @english_voice, I would rather keep my 1% even though I do not pay any PayPal fees.

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Maybe it’s only for TRS.

I am not TR yet, so I don’t think so :)=

Oh, I see.
That’s great.

Maybe it is for people based in a specific country or level

I personally use Payoneer (and I recommend it highly, since it takes a tiny fraction of what paypal takes).
The way I see it is, if I pay 100 USD in fees to Fiverr, I am more than ok paying 5 USD more to get the money 14 days faster (if I need it), of course with time as you grow and build up capital this becomes less relevant.

I consider it a “nice to have” option, definitely would not use it all the time, but more as an emergency measure it gives you a lot of advantage at a minuscule cost:)

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