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Earn as a new seller

Fiverr is an awesome site for earning online, i would say its the best one…
for a new seller it may seems hard,but actually if you follow some rules it would be easy,
1.Do whatever you are good at(don’t think always the top gig will have sell yours gigs will not. always be positive with yours)
2.Everyday send 10 Buyer request.
3.Be frank to your Buyer.
4.dont be too much formal, the buyer request is a way to contact your buyer for first time, so be friendly and offer your service.

Good points. I would add always provide 5☆ customer service by communicating before, during and after the sale.

Thanks for sharing information. Its a great tips for starter. :slight_smile:

Awesome Tips.Going to try this Soon.

First tip is the most essential one as that keeps your motive high for a long time and you never get bored !!