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Earn first flag


I just earn my first flag but how it can help me to increase my sales because it only visible in form profile not in selling profile


A forum flag isn’t actually a good thing…


I flag someone off-topic post and I automatically get this


Any badges etc. on the forum are completely separate to the main Fiverr site, and won’t help you to increase sales.


Really means
They are useless


No, they’re not useless. They’re very useful on the forum, which is where you are now.

The badges etc. show your level of participation etc. on the forum - they’re not relevant anywhere else.


The forum is a place to share ideas and interact with other people. It is not a place to “increase sales”.


Then why other promoting there gigs there


You can post your gigs in the ‘My Fiverr Gig’ section.

The rest of the forum isn’t for promotion, just discussion.


There is a category called “My Fiverr Gigs” where sellers can tell other people about their gigs. That is a small part of the forum and the only place to do this.


@offlinehelpers Okay, showing my newness here. What is a “flag”? Is it another name for a badge?


You can get a flag (bad thing) for being off-topic, spamming etc.

If you flag a post which is spam, off-topic etc., you get a badge for ‘first flag’ (good thing)! :grinning:


I will look for those. I have seen a few, and asked myself, “Now why did they post that?”