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Earn money from fiver and eat pizza on regular basis

I wish to earn alot of money and get fast food on regular basis. :frowning:

If you didn’t know by now, fast food is not deemed healthy, so I’d reconsider spending the money on healthy food instead, which would keep you healthy to earn even more money, don’t you wish that? :slight_smile:

P.S. and there are healthy pizza recipes, too :pizza:



Have you ever tried anchovies :fish: on :pizza:? :mask:


Fast food is good to have when you do not want to :woman_cook: or wash :plate_with_cutlery: . However, it is not healthy and if you eat too much bad food, you could get a :heart: attack. They are not fun at all!

Like maybe a :taco: pizza? :thinking: Because a pizza of that variety is basically a :green_salad: on a pizza crust, grated cheese, taco meat and maybe a few refried beans. Oh yes they serve salsa on the side if you want it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not sure if trolling or serious.

  1. Concerns of fast food. Makes you fat apart from not healthy.
  2. Sure, you can spend all money on Pizza, but if you take Fiverr seriously, you earn way more than pizza money. Shoot for a car or a house! Tuition for your children. Invest for Financial Independence. To take over the world!

I hope you also get some food that is good = healthy for your body too! I like your gig I will do any photoshop manipulation . It was fun to look at your before/after pics.

Good luck to you!

I’ll gladly eat pizza, say twice a month.
As long as they have TONS of mushrooms on them, I’d be very happy! :smiley:
Cheese and bell pepper, olives would be great too.

On a more serious note, being able to earn some extra money for pizza is great,
but I’m sure you will get sick of it after a week, and you will actually get sick-sick.
Be sure to have a healthy balanced meal! :wink: