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Earned 15$ in 40 days

Hey everyone,
I earned 15 dollars within 40 days.
What do you think is it a good start as a beginner?
And will love for some good tips for improvement.
Warm regards


Trust me, making any sales as a beginner is a good start. Be it even $5.

See my post Be Patient,I waited 7 months to know what I’m talking about.


Thanks for your appreciation sudais.

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What did you do in those 7 months before you made your sales? Were you marketing them and if so how were you marketing them?

If you don’t mind me asking.

Going by fiverr’s standard is poor because that will mean no promotion and you know the more positive reviews you get from people the more other buyers want to try you out.
As a new seller,no amount is too small,it means you are getting there and it gives you hope for the future.
My humble opinion .

It’s a good start ,Trust me. And It will grow. All you need is to have patience. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Patience my fiend!
It’s all you need in here!
Good luck becoming financial independent!

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Did marketing but then even quit in between but then bounced back so not a straight journey.

I understand.

I’ve read that Fiverr promotes gigs in cycles, maybe there’s some truth to this.

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