Earned 1500 USD Every Month


I Earned 1.5K every month in 3 month But in this month I only Earn 340 USD.
Kindly Check my my GIGS and guide me if there is an issue in my GIGS.
I am on 5th page in Average customer review.
Thanks for all.


Hi there @ahmedghumro - How is promotion of your gig going? Also maybe through in some bonuses for those that buy, they will tell others about your gig. Word of mouth is the best promotion.

Hope this helps.


There’s always highs and lows in business. Keep an eye on the competition, promote the gig with discounts, bonuses, etc. during low months and also check your statistics for each gig to find any possible problem.

Tips from a Fiverr noob :wink:


I am new to Fiverr I made three gigs but I have not sold any yet nor do I know what to do next


Check my GIGS properly.