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Earned $19k in first year, gigs are down now

Blessings to You!

I had outstanding first year at fiverr. Earned almost $19k in first year, than i got stuck in some problems and stats went down. Down to level 0 from level 2.

At 15th jan, i will be level 1 again. But not getting messages from new clients, How to get my self ranked back again?

Thanks in advance.


try to share your gig in social media

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Do social marketing regularly

Same to me. This things hurt me a lot.

Okay, i will do it.
Thank you for you kind suggestion.

Do what you did to get you to 19K. That is a fantastic first year!

It is very good result! Congratulation!

Try marketing regularly on social media

@rd_sajib @tahbitalbashar @mr_tusar thank you for great suggestion. Have you tried social media marketing for your gig? would like to share what results you get?

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Yes! try to do marketing of your best seller gig. It will increase your impression views and clicks and start bidding on buyer request more and more. :slight_smile: It gonna help you a lot to rank it up.