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Earned $217 in 50 day!


Today, i want to share my fiverr experience with you all. i joined on fiver as seller on April 4, 2017. At first i started it without any expectation as i am a full time YouTuber make $3-$5 thousand each month. However, last month (April 2017) YouTube faced massive ad boycott which push me to find a alternative way make make money. So, initially i open two gig related with YouTube and SEO. Before opening my gig i made all my research about fiverr, related product and seller. After opening my gig, next two day i waited for the order but i did not got any order. At one point i totally forget it and start focusing on my marketing and YouTube work. But on 12th April, i got a notification from fiverr that i got my first $35 order. I was so happy and surprised and that was my turning point. Today, i completed 18 order and two order i needed to cancel because of buyer limited knowledge about SEO. My fiverr experience from last 50 days might not consider as success story but still i think my experience can be consider as motivational for new seller.

Always be nice with your client, reply their text as soon as possible, give them extra service, show them your skills and be honest with your own work…i think this what you need to get success on fiverr.

Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


Sounds like you’re off to a good start! Keep up the good work! :sunglasses: :star:

Congrats on achieving lvl1 :tropical_drink:


Congratulations! I’m closing in on $316 after a little over a month.


Good for you man! Hope they fix the ad revenue problem on YouTube. I also have a channel and am being heavily impacted by it. Fiverr definitely does help though!


Congrats! I think it’s helpful when people realize MOST sellers don’t start with huge numbers of sales, especially the first couple months. Even the ones who end up being very successful.

Fiverr is a slow burn for most in the beginning. Get a sale, do a great job, wait a few days or more (for most), then get another… It’s not uncommon for a new seller to only have a half dozen sales over the first month or two, and still end up doing large numbers after a year or two.

I think I had a week or two from my first gig to my second (I’d have to go back and check.) I know it wasn’t immediate…

That said, a year later I have made significant progress, and do more most days in terms of revenue than I did my first month.

It’s like that in Fiverr land, and your story is inspiring… Keep on moving.


Thank you for sharing your experience. I am pretty sure, it will be very useful for me and others.


Best wishes for your continued success! :slight_smile: