Earned $30K , 430+ Orders , Became Top Rated Seller, Started my own Company, Bought my Own Car


Congrats! and your profile is so professional! You deserve this great success :slight_smile:


Hey you can’t ask that here ! This is against the rules of forum and you may get banned from here. Please stop doing that. Please read forum rules before asking such questions.


Congratulation u become inspiration to others.:relaxed:


This is truly inspiring, specially since I’m a big fan of automobiles. Its a wonderful car. Been driving my friend’s Baleno now and then on weekends. For me its the best hatchback in the market. Congratulations. Wish you much more success,


Truly amazing. Congrats!


this is amazing! such an awesome car you have brought! hope for your bright future


Congratulations. your story is very nice…best of luck


Congratulations! Always brings a smile seeing such success stories


Congrats Man



congrats! all these in less than two years! what was or is your approach what gigs did you sell. I a photographer filmmakerand wrter . i’m still confuse as to gigs to do. guess i just have to launch somehow! sure i have a lot to learn. i’ll give it what it takes. congrats again. as for the car you did right.


That is absolutely amazing. When I think of jobs, it is that repetetive 9-5 work shift which deprives you of sleep, free time and in some cases, hapiness. You have inspired me to appreciate fiverr as one of the best freelancer websites you could come across. Congrats on that 30 grand, it sounds like all that effort and motivation has paid off. I can imagine that top seller is not very easy to achieve. Keep it up mate :+1:t2:


Congrats. Very inspiring to everyone who wants to work at something they really love


That’s really great dude! and you know the subject title is the longest title I see just kidding :wink::v:


I am really inspired from you…


Congratulations. Am so happy for you!:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Congratulations and thank you for the inspiration to strive for the best! Keep on going!


Congratulation brother. I am very inspired to read your fiverr story. Also thanks for your suggestion.


hi, i am on the way of completing 500 views


This is superb. More grace man :man:


Many congratulations to you. Your speech inspire me :slight_smile: I try my best to become a top rated buyer like you :slight_smile: