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Earned $700 in 1 month

Great Experience here!
I have earned more than $700 in just 1 month. I am working in Graphics Design field. And my top selling gig link is:
I got some very nice reviews also.
Just waiting to be a Level 1 Seller!
Thank you!


Congrats… Keep Going… Best of luck :v:

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Great achievement im wishing you more successful months over here with good earning

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Sorry wrong person, muhahaha!!:rofl:

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Hi there @piu_1998. Hmmm what’s your bank account? :rofl: Just kidding. Glad you made a good income with Fiverr, you’'re one of the luck once here. Especially if you’re a Graphic Designer, as competition in this NICHE is exaggerated, AWESOME JOB!! Keep it UP!

Regards Humberto

Thank you so much!
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Thank you so much.
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Thank you for comment.
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Thank you! Really tough competition for graphics designer here. Thanks to god, in spite of that, I have made this.
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Congratulations. Wonderful job.

Wow! That’s great! Most I’ve made on here is $300 in a month. I’m trying to be like you! :rofl:

Good to see people who can achieve good jobs by getting good sales. Congratulations

Congrats and best of luck for near future.

Congratulations to you

Congratulations … :heart:

Congratulations! Best of luck :v::v:

Wow!!! great job… Keep it up

Nice templates :wink: I had the same ones


Congratulations! carry on…