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Earned Amount

My ID show earned this month $76 but revenue shows $56(cleared+pending).please know me which amount i will get

You receive the amount you get by summing cleared and pending.

Consider that earned this month could be wrong (Fiverr team has been alerted and they are working to fix this issue).

Anyway I want to post the answer I got from Customer Support when I reported the error:

Sorry if this is confusing :frowning: “Earned this month” comes the amount $$ in completed orders (those that have entered the clearing process) within a calendar month.

So in “earned this month” could be counted orders you got at the end of previous month that entered in clearing process within current month… I know, it’s misleading, but at the moment we have this :slight_smile:

my average selling price is $7 .why?

Reply to @mdminto: Base it on your orders

Best of luck

:slight_smile: Joe

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