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Earned in month Issue


Hi all, Need help guys!

Can someone explain why is this Minus mark with my earned money in February?
(Without any cancellation/refunds of - $12)

is this just to me? should I contact CS!



You should, to know if it is a chargeback.

What is this meaning?

I think so, my earned in Feb shows zero in the app and just random number in the browser but none of them showing real amount earned


Earnings and metrics on Fiverr are completely messed up


Last month my Earned in January amount kept going down by $10 - $50 per day. Also, my earnings exported to CSV did not match my earnings on the earnings page. At one point I had $300 available for withdrawl with 2 orders worth $68 in total due to clear in the next 24-hours. The next day when these orders did clear, I had $348 available for withdrawal. ($20 less.)

Screencaptue everything. Download a CSV file of your earnings, and manually calculate what you should have earned. If there is a disparity between your earnings, report this to CS and record every conversation you have with them.


Same here. It is likewise affecting analytics page for level promotion.


I think everything’s messed in the platform at the moment, the site is not running properly since 21th of january, I’ve been noticing glitches… I wonder if anyone else is noticing that, attached is a screenshot of today…I only earned 72$ today but it’s showing 144$…also I haven’t got any inquiries since the date mentioned, or orders! last month my earnings started dropping bit by bit and my gigs went to the last pages all of a sudden (all of my gigs) earnerd%20in



Mine is showing -$40. This is the amount of my order awaiting approval. Kindly check if it corresponds with your delivered order.


not mine, not really!


I wonder what everyone’s analytics page shows, if the figures in that are correct, and agree with the earnings.


I thought i’m the only one with the issue. Even tho my gig has more than 600+ orders the gig appears on searches are the one with lower total of order and now i see the $-4 on my February earnings. This is so weird and first time happened in my 7 years on fiverr. No inboxes no order in 2 weeks. Except my returning buyers ofcourse.


I feel your pain :disappointed_relieved:


Just got a reply after a follow up on my request, seems the algorithm is constantly changing, they confirmed that my gigs are on the last pages and that they should be back after the stats change, let’s just hope for the best and that this doesn’t last long.


I have the minus issue too :tired_face: This afternoon, “earned in February” was -$16 and now it’s -$24. Fingers crossed this is just a bug…


Really hoping to be back on the first page as well… lol that weird feeling to receive no messages for a couple of days! :disappointed_relieved:


I have my February earnings at $81 on a desktop, $0 in the app. The number should actually be $40.

I reported the earnings acting funny to CS 23 days ago and the only update I’ve received so far was “We understand that this is frustrating”. It’s just “pick a number” game at this point.


Yeah, the figures on the earnings page/dashboard are not bugged for me, yet. :slight_smile:


UPD: It’s $41 on desktop/$60 on the app today. Nothing has happened between $81/$0 and $41/$60 change. It’s just generating random numbers.


Showing -36$ without any sense :open_mouth: