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Earned Level 2 in just 20 days

I have earned Level 2 in just 20 days after i was promoted to level 1.

I am very happy today.

It’s a great best Marketing Place ever.

Thanks Fiverr :slight_smile:

Congratulations to you. Truly inspiring to those of us who are clawing and fighting our way up to the top as well.

Keep up the great work and I’m sure you will reach TRS status soon!

That’s awesome, best wishes.

congratulations. I can remember that feeling, its simply great! All the best!

Wow! that’s greatly!!! Congrats.

Congrats! Getting that level up e-mail is awesome haha. Best wishes!

:smiley: Yeah

Thank you

Haha Yes Exactly

Yes :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Congrats and all the best !

Congrats Once again … It looks like one of your Customers was very very happy with you that he posted the same Review 10 Times :slight_smile: All the time he bought from you he posted the same Review :wink: Anyways Congrats !!

I sure do remember that feeling! It was great! I’m looking forward to my next milestones!

You’re on the fast track to Top Rated Seller. Congratulations!

The shade :slight_smile: lmao

Congratulations!! Wish to have more reviews for you :slight_smile:

Well done, although it seems like you kind of manipulated the system by asking people to order a couple of times instead of giving a custom offer for the total.
Not going to make any excuses for being irritated by this kind of behavior, although my issue is with Fiverr not you.
Why do they value your 50 x $5 orders the same as my first 50 orders which totaled around $1000? If I did what you did for all my orders I would have over 700 reviews which would look so much better than just over 100!

congrats :slight_smile: