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Earned my first 5$

I’m so very very happy with the Fiverr… I earned my first 5$ from the Fiverr and I just wait 14 days after today I transfer my balance funds to my Paypal account. I wanted to give my thanking for the Fiverr and all of you… Thank you so much !!!

I wish you all can be make a very very high income by the Fiverr… :x

Good luck!

that’s great! i remember how excited I was when I got my first sale, i was surprised that people had an interest in my work.

but word of advise i would recommend you to take money from your fiverr to your Paypal when you reach something like 50 dollars or 100 because transferring money from fiverr to Paypal takes 1 dollar per transfer.

Congratulations fbguruu! May you keep selling! :slight_smile:

Thank you thank you soooooo much !!! :x :x

Congrats!!! As I plow towards Level 2 I still remember that first sale fondly :smiley:

Today I just completed my first $50 from one AWESOME Buyer($40 profit for me) day.


Reply to @anigrams: Still I don’t get sales after my 1st sale… :confused:

Congrats. It will take time but hopefully you will get more soon.

yay good going! it takes time but you will look in a year at “how much I have earned” and you will be amazed! make sure to offer good service and to make your five daily offers!

Congrats! I was very happy to when I saw my first $5 some days ago. I am still waiting for the second order to come:)

I just got two in a row. Been working on my profile page and adding gigs all day. Hopefully more will come soon! Congrats to you.

well making 5 dollars is not that big deal. in fact i made 10 dollars in only one day investing 30 minutes and waiting like 24 hours to get my 10 dollars immediately on Paypal. Just go to and get free access to 10 dollars which is a way that works with anyone and available at any time by completing 4 simple steps. It is a proven way and used by many people.

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Good luck ! :-h